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Shaanxi Haven Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in export and import of machinery and equipment such as machine tools, vehicles maintenance equipments, motors, bearings, hand & power tools and industrial materials. Our business scope also includes

Hydraulic Press Delivery to Th...  
Hydraulic Press Brake and Shea...  
Shipment for Poland.QC11Y WC67Y  
CNC Lathe CK62100 for Nigeria  
Hydraulic Press Y27-200T-CK for&nbs...  
WC67Y and QC11Y for Thailand&n...  
  Address:RuisenYunfeng Building,No.29 Nanerhuan East Road Xi'an 710054 Shaanxi China
Tel No. 0086-29-88135303 0086-18681851123
E-mail: [email protected]
WE67K -200/3200.. QC11 KCN CHydraulic CNC Hydraulic Press
Upper Roller... SK40P & SK50P CW6636×6000
CWD Lathe machine Drilling and Milling Radial Universal
Vertical Knee-type Q35Y-20 JH21-125
CDC SERIES LARGE GW4240x50 band saw Z3050x16 Radial
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Shaanxi Haven Equipment Co., Ltd..
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